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Emily Marshall

Photograph - Andy Proper Photography

Photograph - Andy Proper Photography

Emily Marshall had a musical childhood playing the French Horn. There were always adventures; on the Scilly Isles,the entire brass section of the Cornwall Youth Orchestra once blew the most tremendous chord across the harbour in answer to The Scillonian’s departing hooter!

After a career in Theatre Costume she found the pull of live music making again, running a pre-school group and a school choir, training with Singworks and The Voices Foundation.

During a workshop with Polly Bolton, Emily had a transforming experience singing with others. She avidly attended workshops by other prominent leaders from Natural Voice Practitioners Network training with Sarah Harman and Frankie Armstrong and receiving mentoring from Sound Resource.

As a Singing Leader Emily runs open-access singing groups for people aged nought to ninety around Oxfordshire, including a Women’s Community Choir, Humpty Dumpty Music Club and ‘Find Your Voice’ for people living with Parkinson’s.